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Strawberry Star Caladium Bundle

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Plant + Pot Bundle

Stunning Strawberry Star Caladium. Perfect for your porch, patio, or indoor houseplant collection. In our handmade 4” pale pink concrete planter with saucer this plant will make you happy over and over again.

Caladiums are shade plants and do well in low - med light. During winter the leaves may die off. You can cut them back to the soil and wait til spring to water again. They will pop back up year after year for you to enjoy all over again. 


— Pot measurement is of the inner diameter and represent what size nursery pot can fit.

— Pots without saucers come with a drain hole + rubber plug unless stated cache pot

— All pots made and painted by our small family (mostly the hubby tho 🫶)

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Strawberry Star Caladium Bundle
Strawberry Star Caladium Bundle
Strawberry Star Caladium Bundle


Seller was extremely communicative, shipping was prompt, and arrived with a handwritten note! One leaf was slightly damaged in shipping, but some damage is unavoidable. Plant seems healthy and is already pushing out a new leaf!

Joe, Dark Lord Philodendron

The gorgeous Piper Crocatums arrived very quickly and carefully packaged...I love them! Thank you Amanda!

Tricia, Piper Crocatum on Trellis

Packaging was good, definitely did its job in protecting the plant. USPS beat the hell out of that poor box, and the plant didn't get too damaged by it. After some much needed water (again, USPS issues, they delivered it six days late - not the seller's fault at all!), it's perking up a bit and looking a lot less sad and floppy. Definitely would recommend this shop!

Siobhan Reed, Philodendron McDowell