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3" Geometric Bowl Planter

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    Elevate your decor with this mini geometric bowl, perfect for your plant starters or herbs. This compact yet stylish piece is meticulously handcrafted and painted for endless possibilities, serving as an eye-catching modern concrete planter or a unique candle jar. Use in your Ikea cabinet, window sills, office desk, or anywhere you want to keep an aesthetic, clean plant display.
    Mini Pots Are Perfect For...

    These Mini Pots + Planters are the perfect fit for Ikea Cabinets, office + desk plants, windowsills, bathrooms and terrariums. Plant in them or use them as DIY candle containers. This little mini is bound to make you smile no matter what you put in it!

    Try them as
    - plug covers
    - plant starters
    - corm cups
    - anthurium seedlings
    - cuttings
    - and plants with small root systems like Succulents, Hoyas and String of Pearls (and other Strings of Things).

    2. Returns + Exchanges

    We are honored and proud of every piece we create and curate. If you are not completely thrilled with your new pot you can send it back for a refund or exchange it for a better suited piece. Learn More Here.

    Bowl planter for plant shop small indoor plant pots
    Bowl planter small indoor plant pots
    Geometric  bowl planter handmade pots for plant shops and garden centers
    Geometric bowl planter pots for plant shops
    Wholesale pots planters unique gifts for plant shops
    Geometric  bowl planter handmade pots for plant shops and garden centers

    Handmade In-House

    • Handmade With Love

      Our family of 5 hand makes our concrete pots in-house. Our 3 small children love helping so every pot is unique and infused with love + laughter.

    • Handled With Care

      We handle every package as if it is going to a best friend or loved one. When you purchase from us you are apart of the family and we want you to feel that!

    • Happiness Guaranteed

      We know you will just love these little pots! They make us and everyone we know smile. If you aren't completely thrilled we will do our best to make sure you are!


    concrete black pot planter

    Received my pots today and they are beautiful! Can't wait to get more!


    When I say my cold, dead heart almost cried.


    Thank you so much! I can't wait to pot up more plants in these pots!

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